Rankin & Kinsella - Specialists in combating human trafficking

Independent Expert in Anti-Human Trafficking: providing strategic and practical expertise...

Rankin Associates have extensive experience within the fields of human trafficking, smuggling of migrants, immigration crime and policy. They are recognised, nationally and internationally, as experts in all aspects of anti-trafficking work. Their experience encompasses leadership, management, planning and governance at both a strategic and a practical/operational level, particularly within, a cross-sector multi-agency environment. 

Their expertise includes;

  1. Academic lecturing, research and development;
  2. Training development and delivery;
  3. Development of training guides and material;
  4. Facilitation of conferences, expert seminars, consultative meetings and workshops;
  5. Independent assessment, evaluations and quality assurance;
  6. Identification and completion of funding applications;
  7. Provision of expert opinion;

The unique scope of their expertise, allied to considerable practical experience, will ensure the delivery of effective outcomes that has enabled them to deliver significant results in the key areas of prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership to all sectors.

The integrity of their business strategy is built upon strong ethical principles, a respect for privacy and a human rights based approach.