Rankin & Kinsella - Specialists in combating human trafficking

Independent Experts in Anti-Human Trafficking: providing strategic and practical expertise...

Current Projects;

Management and coordination of the Trafficking in Persons Platform (TIPP), a global anti-trafficking forum for prosecutors, for the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP).

Member of EU Funded Project; 'ROOTS' research on organized crime in human trafficking in Palermo, Italy (October 2013 - September 2015) provision of training development.delivery, expert opinion and academic rersearch.

UNODC - Train-the-trainer training to Prosecutors and Judges; Expert input into National Concultative Meetings between Government and Civil Society in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan & Tajikistan. Independent Evaluation of Projects on Terrorrism and Human Trafficking in Central Asia.

On-going Projects;

OSCE - Presentations, training and facilitation at international workshops and seminars; UNICRI - lectures at University of Turin; Coventry University - delivery of block human trafficking module to post-graduate students; Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime, Jesus College, Cambridge University - delivery of workshops and presentations; IATG - provision of expert anti-trafficking services. Senior Research Fellow - University of Liverpool.

Steering Group Member of CENTRIC, a network of expertise that includes both academic and end-user experience. Expert input into E-Poolice project and provision of conference papers and academic articles.

Recent Projects;

EU Funded Project; 'Corporate Social Responsibility to Prevent Trafficking in Human Beings' and provision of Guide (January 2013 - April 2014).

Presentations; GLA Retail Protocol Launch; CSIS Seminar Series - University of Liverpool; Eurojust Strategic Meeting - Improving the Prosecutorial Response to THB; University of Abertay, Dundee, Policing and European Studies Research Conference; Liverpool University - Counting the cost: human trafficking, forced labour and corporate social responsibility; University lectures at Sheffield Hallam, Coventry and Chester.

EU FP7 and ISEC funding applications and EU Tenders.

Human Trafficking Projects (nationally and internationally); Training delivery to judges, prosectors, law enforcement officers and border staff in Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan; Expert opinion to enhance the role of the GLA; Team Leader, "Fighting Against Human Trafficking on the Heroin Route Phase II", EU funded, ICMPD led project. Thailand provision of expert input at prosecutors workshop; Sweden – provision of expert input at prosecutors conference; Spain – delivery of expert input at EU EUROMED MIGRATION II workshop. IOM UK – delivery of training; AIRE Conference – facilitation of international conference. Red Cross – delivery of expert training. Joseph Rowntree Foundation – facilitation of labour trafficking workshop;  

Media -  BBC Radio; Radio City (Citytalk); Law Society of England and Wales;


OSCE Resource Police Training Guide: Trafficking in Human Beings (published August 2013).

A.Balch. G.Rankin 'Assessing the Impact of EU strategies post-Stockholm on UK policing of human trafficking'.in M.O'Neil New Challenges for the EU Internal security strategy (2013); N.Kinsella. G.Rankin 'Human Trafficking - The Importance of Knowledge Information Exchange' in B.Akhgar. S.Yates Intelligence Management (2011).